Working my Last Good Nerve

I swear, these people sometimes…

Or as Marvin Gaye once put it, “Make wanna holler.  Throw up both my hands.”

So anyway,  I wrote this column a few days back on Colin Kaepernick’s protest.  In it, I made the entirely incontrovertible point that America has stolen from African-American people.  In response, I received the email below from a reader, whose surname and other identifying information I’ve redacted.  My response follows.

Dear Mr. Pitts,
Regular readers of your column are, by now, used to a diatribe of anti-white racism in place of reasoned debate, but you may have hit bottom with your column last week entitled, “America, a Land of Liberty and Justice for Some”. You defend NFL players for demonstrating against the flag, and their own country, which comes as no surprise. You excoriate the Cleveland Police Department for taking exception to the demonstrations, which also comes as no surprise. What does come as a surprise, if not a logical fallacy, is your line, which reads, “”But America steals from us, then tells us we’re thieves.”

What sir, has America stolen from you? You are given a well-paid sinecure at a major metropolitan newspaper, thus, you have a privileged position from which to bash the country that has given you so much. Can you back up your assertion that America has “stolen” from you? From here it seems that this country has been very good to you, but your anti-white racism combined with an unbalanced rage has blinded you to that fact.

Best regards,
St. Louis, Mo.

Dear Mr: 

The very fact that you need to ask the question argues strongly that you’ll never understand the answer. But here it is anyway.

First of all, I said that America has stolen from “us.” 

As to what it has stolen:

It stole our bodies.

It stole our labor.

It stole our names and family histories.

It stole our children.

It stole our land.

It stole our ballots.

It stole our money.

It stole our peace of mind.

It stole our health.

It stole our lives.

To a greater or lesser degree, much of that theft is still ongoing.

That said, I have a question for you. You seem so overwrought about this chimera you call “anti-white racism.” I’m just curious: what, if anything, did that ever steal from you?

Yours Truly,


Leonard Pitts, Jr.


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